Emetophobia is a complex fear of vomiting and one of the most difficult phobias to live with.

It can often dominate an affected persons life, ruling everything from what and where they eat, to their choice of career, and their decisions of whether or not to have a family.

It can have many co-morbid conditions including high levels of anxiety and OCD.

Emetophobia was the reason I first sought hypnotherapy for myself, I know first hand how distressing it can be.

Thankfully, with the help of solution focused hypnotherapy, after over 30 years of living within the restrictions of emetophobia, I recovered and overcame it to the extent that I was able to work on the chemotherapy wards of the University Hospital of Wales helping people with anticipatory nausea and vomiting.

I have now spent over 10 years helping people to recover from this distressing condition.

As a complex phobia emetophobia is different to other more specific phobias and therefore hypnotherapy should never be seen as a quick fix, it does take sustained effort to overcome this condition, but recovery is possible and life changing.

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Alternatively you can read about one of my emetophobia case studies in The Art of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy http://www.theartofsfh.co.uk published February 2021 available on Amazon.


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