Hypnotherapy For Stress and Anxiety.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a form of talking therapy with the added advantage of relaxing trance.

A hypnotherapy session  lasts for 90 minutes and is focused on the future solution rather than the past problem.

The initial consultation includes a thorough explanation of the brain. I will help you to understand why we run into the problems we face, and how we can overcome them.

Trance itself is a natural state of relaxing focused concentration, you are awake, aware and in control throughout.


A phobia is an intense irrational fear that has many variations.

Phobias can be split into two main categories.

  • Simple or specific phobias, which tend to be things like insects, dogs, or situations like flying and generally aren’t experienced on a daily basis.
  • Complex or non-specific phobias which carry with them high stress levels, general anxiety disorder and are experienced daily, these are generally illness phobias, vomiting (emetophobia) fear of driving, and social phobias.

Hypnotherapy can help to ease both simple and complex phobias, using methods that don’t require exposure therapy.

I have 13 years and thousands of hours experience helping people to reduce anxiety and overcome phobias, in fact it was overcoming my own phobia that first brought me to hypnotherapy.

Sudden Onset Phobias

A sudden onset phobia or irrational fear for which there is no obvious cause, ie nothing bad has happened to cause the fear, can occur in women during peri-menopause. This can sometimes manifest as a sudden fear of driving, work related fears eg difficulty speaking in meetings or social phobia, click on the menopause button


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