A Phobia is an anxiety disorder that causes intense and irrational fear, at its worse a phobia can cause panic attacks and may severely affect a persons quality of life.

Phobias can be split into two main groups.

Simple or Specific Phobias

These commonly relate to a specific animal or situation, eg spiders or flying, and don’t usually affect a person on a daily basis, their life isn’t ruled by the phobia.

A specific phobia can usually be helped with 3-4 sessions of hypnotherapy.

Complex or Non-Specific Phobias

A complex phobia affects a person on a daily basis, often severely restricting their life.

Two common examples are Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) where the person avoids eating out, avoids having children etc and Agoraphobia where that person avoids shopping, crowds, concerts, social situations etc, and may become so badly affected that they can no longer leave their home.

A person with a complex phobia will often have high levels of anxiety that need to be addressed first. Hypnotherapy to help a complex phobia can therefore take longer, but the results can be very rewarding and often life changing.

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