A Calm Menopause

I used to think that menopause was all about hot flushes and no sleep, and although these symptoms are experienced by some, there is an increasing awareness that the primary symptom for many people is anxiety.

Anxiety can manifest in many ways from a general feeling of unease and nervousness to sudden phobias and panic attacks, and of course if we feel anxious we can struggle to sleep.

Many women I have spoken to experience a drop in confidence, especially around work, successful women with years of experience struggling to accomplish the simplest task, over thinking, procrastinating, fearing failure AND success.

For others it is a sudden onset phobia of driving or socialising, situations that used to be easy, enjoyable, suddenly triggering feelings of panic.

My hypnotherapy and coaching programs can help you in many ways and complement other therapies provided by your healthcare professional including alternative therapies and HRT.

Whether we are working on a phobia, easing your anxiety, boosting confidence or motivation, or helping you to sleep, each program is individually tailored to you, because although we can experience similar symptoms our past, personality and goals can be very different.

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